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The Prophet (Pbuh) said: “By the oath of that Being in whose hand is the soul of Muhammed, a believer is like a bee. It eats that which is pure and produces that which is pure and when it lands on a stem it does not break or spoils.” (Musnad Ahmed)

From this hadith, we learn the following:
1. The bee only eats from sources that are pure and wholesome. It keeps away from repulsive things and odors. Similarly, a believer should only eat from that which is pure and wholesome.
2. The bee produces honey which is also pure and wholesome. Similarly, the words and actions of a believer should only be good and pure.
3. The bee does not break or ruin the flowers upon which it sits. In fact, it pollinates them by carrying pollen from one flower to another. Similarly, a believer should be gentle in his dealings with creation. His behavior should not cause harm or inconvenience to others. Ibn Atheer Rahimullah stated that bees are similar to man in many ways: they are intelligent, they do not harm others, they fulfill promises, they cause benefit to others, they are content with little, they work in the day, they are averse to impurities, they eat halaal, they eat from their own hands, and they obey their leader. (Hayaatul Hayawaan)

Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu said, ” Live amongst people like a bee amongst birds. Every bird regards the bee as insignificant, but if the bird knew the blessings that a bee carries in its belly, the bird would never behave the way it does. So, mix with people with your tongue and your body but remain aloof from them in terms of your actions and your heart. A man will reap what he sewed and, on the day of Qiyaamah, he will be with the one whom he loved. ”

(Sunan Daarami)
(Source: https://thejamiat.co.za/)