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“With every hardship there is ease” so goes the saying. Exams are over. What next? “What should I do?” “How to plan my holidays?” “Where shall I go?” “Which game shall I play?” “Which short-term certificate course shall I take up?” “What is my friend going to do?” “Where are they going this vacation?” Many such endless questions are reeling around our heads.

Almost all of us like to know what is on the other side, because the pastures are always greener on the other side. To go there you need a way. But you can’t because “there’s a river to cross”. Mobile phones with the Internet are a part of our life. It comes in handy when we are with friends; or with cousins; or even around family during family dinner! Family together is an occasion for a mega mobile zone with lots of feeds for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp statuses, TikTok, and what more is not there? Such is the influence of mobile phones in our life! Where/What is the bridge in this? Coming! Coming!

Heart-to-heart connection is the need of the hour. That’s right. Everyone knows that. Then why mention it here? Yes, the heart-to-heart connection is happening. But it is happening within “our” circle – “Our comfort zone.” We need to look outside of our circle. Look at what is surrounding us. Then we would realize that not only “we” but “they” too were missing many things.

Agree/disagree. Both are missing something “deliberately” or “unknowingly.” Let’s make a resolution to include in our holiday plans to connect our hearts by listening to the administrative language; speaking the administrative language; reading the administrative language; and writing the administrative language. Be it by chatting; messaging; blogging; vlogging; youtubing; tiktoking; Instagramming or the good old writing for magazines, papers, or even authoring a book to the hearts that are on the other side.

So be The Bridge!