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British Toy Store With a Difference

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Nazia Nasreen, 31, says her range of dolls, colorful prayer mats, Quran cards and Arabic letter blocks fill a gap in the market and also help battle extremism.
Nasreen, from Birmingham, UK, set up Ibraheem Toy House in 2014 and sells her products all over the world, according to the Daily Mail. She says: ‘A lot of times children learn the wrong things, and that’s where the extremism kicks in. If the right educational toys and books are provided from a young age, we can instill the correct Islamic ethos and values in our children’.
Nazia Nasreen sells 200 toys, games and other children’s products and her turnover has near-doubled to £30,000 in just a year. Popular products include dolls, foam Arabic alphabet blocks, a cardboard minaret, prayer mats and Ramadan bunting.
(Extracted from en.abna24.com)