Contemporary Academic Education has no Place  Left for Religious and Moral Education

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Contemporary Academic Education has no Place Left for Religious and Moral Education

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Three things play an important role in the construction and destruction of personality, media, environment, and education.

These are the three most effective sources that influence human thoughts and actions. Media, Environment, Education. Currently, evil, immorality, and materialism have become champions and as a whole, because of them, the new generation has stood on the edge of moral destruction and ruin. Concerned about the children and trying to save them from this disaster, the situation is what to ask of the godless? People who are apparently religious, and their children are also addicted to the modest values ​​of the West and have started to consider religion and morals as a burden, this situation is more noticeable and worthy than communal riots, economic backwardness, and educational stagnation.

The concern is that the education system is such that children are sent to school at a very young age, the school hours and sometimes the distance from people’s residence is so much that they must leave home as early as possible in the morning. have to go Then the curriculum is so heavy and that most of the children have to do tutoring, so after returning home they study tutoring, then homework is so much that after that they get involved in it and sometimes they read and write.

It is a situation in which children are deprived of their childhood, they must work more than the youth, and it has an impact on their minds, as well as on their health. There is no time left for daily religious education, if there is a day off on Sunday in a week, both parents and children consider it their right to spend that day together in entertainment, thus in the daily routine, no place is left for religion and moral education.