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l Between 1788 and 1868, England sent 160,000 convicts to its colony in Australia. But beware! When in Australia, never tell the native Australians that their ancestors were convicts from Britain.

2 Origin of Liberia: Some American opponents of slavery bought land in 1822 in Africa, so that they could settle down the slaves released earlier there. Liberia””the name derived from Latin ‘Liber’ for ‘free'””became republic in 1847.

3 The name of the city of Cologne is derived from the Latin word ‘colonia’ in German and it means ‘colony’.

4 Charles Lindbergh, an American was the first person to make solo flight over the Atlantic on May 20, 1930. He became a great hero. His clothes were stolen from the laundry and cheques issued by him would never be encashed as people would like to preserve his signature.