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5 Golden Lessons for Children Even After Ramadan

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Ramadan came and went. But for those who understood the objective behind one whole month’s training, they

To be conscious of Allah – Allah swt can see everything we do. This was the belief during Ramadan, and that is why all those who fasted did not eat or drink anything, even if they were alone in the house. They believed that Allah was watching. The same belief and consciousness need to be even now. We will not do anything which is considered evil, and we will remind ourselves all the time that Allah swt is watching.

To think of the poor – Throughout Ramadan, we have remembered and felt for the poor people. The problems of the poor do not visit them only during Ramadan but are there for the whole year. The practices of generosity should be carried out even outside Ramadan. Think of the poor whenever you are buying something special for yourself.

To be patient – When we fasted, we never ate or drank anything till it was time to do so. We practiced patience in matters of eating and drinking. We can still maintain this patience and not trouble anyone at home if the food is late. Remember, you are powerful, and that is why you can fast and do all the other essential activities in Ramadan. You can remain strong even now.

To tell the truth – Were you not very careful with your words and statements during Ramadan? You made sure you did not lie and commit a sin. Allah loved that quality. Wouldn’t you want to continue making Allah happy even after Ramadan? Try to stick to the truth. The quality our beloved prophet Muhammad saw was known as As Sadiq – the truthful.

To be regular with namaz and Quran – Wasn’t it a lovely feeling -being able to fulfill all your daily prayers. When you could do it continuously for so many days, don’t you think you can keep the same discipline? Yes, you can. In sha Allah, make a sincere promise to yourself that you will continue doing all the daily prayers.