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Yesterday, I had to choose, choose between Duniya and Akhirah. Guess what I chose?
I chose a ‘Duniya-based life’; the context of my choice was health, wealth, fame, power, and success.
I was able to fulfill most of these animal instinct desires.
I was happy yet sad; I succeeded, yet I didn’t feel satisfied; I had wealth, yet I wanted more, I was praised, yet it didn’t feel enough.
I wondered why I felt so incomplete, hollow, and discontented?
Should I have chosen the contrary?
I am aware that this life on earth is temporary and has a concise duration compared to the eternal afterlife, yet the same doesn’t reflect in my day-to-day life.
Why am I not able to make Akhirah my context of life?
Probably because I am too obsessed with fulfilling my desires, if I don’t do this in my youth, when will I?
Maybe tomorrow, as I grow a little older, I will choose Akhirah.
The next day, what should I choose now?
Should I choose to be an animal or a human being?
To choose between a way of life driven by my animal instinct (Duniya) or a Divine inspired fitra-based human being way of life (Akhirah), I choose between the Good and the Evil, every moment I am responsible, accountable for the consequences of my choices.
Right now, I don’t have time to do ibadah the whole day, as I have to fulfill my aspirations and desires.
But will I ever be able to, will it ever be enough, will it ever come to an end?
Let me be courageous today and choose Akhirah.
My context of Akhirah-based life is only to attain the ‘Love of Allah.’
This is now my primary obsession and goal of my life. And I identify with the Eternal and get detached from the temporary desires.
Can I still attain health, wealth, love, name, fame, and success? Yes, I can. However, these will not be the context of my life, but instead, they are the secondary desires of my life.
The result didn’t matter now, I have complete reliance on my Creator, and most importantly, I feel something amazing in my heart. I guess this is what you call sukoon (peace).
I realized that every action I do now is an act of ibadah; the result is whatever.

INTERNAL (heart): ‘Context’ gives ‘intention’, ‘intention’ gives ‘belief’, ‘belief ‘gives ‘being’ (who are you?), ‘being’ gives ‘language’, ‘language’ gives ‘perception/occurrence’ and this leads to the
EXTERNAL (mind): ‘Action’ (setting goals/aim) gives ‘result’
All this while I was focused on the external (action and result), wondering why it didn’t make sense, but now I understand. Now I can live my understanding.
Choosing Akhirah-based life helped me attain the love of Allah and made my life in Duniya peaceful (State of Jannah) whether I succeeded or failed.
I never knew such an excellent choice existed, helping me attain Akhirah and Duniya.
This choice is simple but requires conscious, consistent practice.
I am going to live life 100 % but an Akhirah-based life.
This is what I chose; what will you chose?
Some say, “Our Lord! Grant us ˹Your bounties˺ in this world,” but they will have no share in the Hereafter. Yet others say, “Our Lord! Grant us the good of this world and the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.” It is they who will receive a ˹heavenly˺ reward for the good they have done. Indeed Allah is swift in reckoning.” (Surah Al-Baqarah-verse-200,201,202)