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Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with another Ramadan. Many fortunate ones have welcomed Ramadan with total preparation and eagerness. They have decided how much Quran to recite each day, what duas to read, what extra salah can they do, and different ways of Sadaqah to please Allah. The people who planned will enjoy their Ramadan.

Eid should also be planned in a similar manner. Planning these blessed days help us understand the essence behind them. Eid is more than wearing new clothes, meeting people, and eating good food. The night of Eid holds a lot of blessings.

The day of Eid should be a happy event for all Muslims. But is it always so? There are many in the hospital, many away from their families, many in old age homes, many in prisons, and many penniless.

How will they have a happy Eid?
The complete month of Ramadan was to please Allah swt. We learned to be empathetic, merciful, and generous. Should we not extend our training and learning outside Ramadan as well?

We can make Eid special by sending gifts, clothes, or food to people who do not have family around.

Just like we planned Ramadan, let us plan how to spend Eid day. Remember others on this special day.

Ramadan Plan
Ramadan- The best time of the year, the month of blessings, and as said it’s like a rare flower that comes once a year, and just as you begin to smell its fragrance it disappears for another year.
This blessed month can’t be left to become vivid in our memories so one way to make the most of it is to plan it.

Fasting as a Habit
The first one is to make fasting a habit already, I’ll keep some fasts in the month of Shaban. Then gain some energy for the month of Ramadan.

Personally, I feel Ramadan isn’t the only month of Ibadah, we are supposed to gain rewards all 365 days but we definitely gain more and more rewards in this blessed month. We try our best to do more like praying five times a day then tahajjud, nafl prayers,taraweeh, continuous zikr, and completing one Quran nazerah. But Quran is not only a book to be read it’s something to be understood and applied in our lives so Insha Allah this Ramadan I’ll also understand the words of Allah that I read and then try my best to apply them in my life.

Ramadan Family Time
Quality time with family is very rare these days due to which the young generation lacks social activities and is not able to gain values, know about our Deen, know the history, and share each other’s views and opinions. And these social gatherings where we meet and eat iftar together, and pray Taraweeh will make Ramadan a blessing, not just to every person in the family but to the family as a whole.

Preparing Iftar Dishes
Ramadan is a month when we need to gain a lot of energy and here comes a chance to make people happy and energetic through delicious and healthy food. This Ramadan I have a list of multiple dishes to make during iftar and suhoor.

Managing Study Time
Gaining knowledge is a part of life and we cannot put it aside, so I have planned my study time at some late hours at night and early hours in the morning after Fajr. Then I’ll be able to use the rest of the day effectively for other activities. InshaAllah.
All of it is not only for the month of Ramadan these are the habits to adapt and practice the whole year.
Yumna Fazal, Hyderabad

What Eid Means to Me
Ramadan is the holy month of fasting, wherein we fast from dawn to dusk. Its main purpose is to understand the struggles of the less fortunate and it is a month when we leave our worldly wants and needs to build a stronger relationship with Allah. This is done by praying, reciting the Quran, making our actions more selfless, abstaining from lying, gossiping, and all the actions marked to be wrong by the Quran.

Eid or Eid-al-Fitr, marks the end of this month and is celebrated on the first day of the 10th month of the Islamic calendar, i.e., Shawwal. Eid is a celebration. And that is exactly what it means to me. Eid, to me, is a sign of happy times. It is when I get to wear new clothes and eat good food. But the best part of Eid for me is that I get to meet all my relatives. We go to all of our relatives’ houses to wish them Eid Mubarak and I get to meet all of my cousins. Eid is also when I go to Kanpur, my father’s hometown, to meet our family. It’s lovely to see the difference in how Eid is celebrated there, compared to here, as a bonus to reconnecting with everyone there.
Naazish Usmani, Age 14yrs, Mumbai

What Eid Means to Me
I remember the last Eid which was the best till now. We put some paper on the fan and when anybody came in the room we switched it on and the bits of paper sprinkled down like confetti. We also gave each other gifts. I got a cooking set, a bracelet, two keychains, photo frames, a whole pack of fidget toys, a whole book set, a giant soft toy, and a fake laptop. I also got lots of Eidi that year. And I’m looking forward to this year. We’ll wear lovely clothes, pray salah, give out money, receive gifts, and be happy all day long.

I’m sure every Muslim would feel as if it was the best day when it’s Eid and even if they don’t, I do. Eid is just so special that if one smiles, the other looks at him and smiles as well. It is a time for Muslims to rejoice twice. That is what Eid Means to Me, seeing that others are happy and being happy myself. We must thank Allah for this.

I wish that all Muslim children will be able to celebrate Eid with their families. Especially those children whose houses are bombed by merciless people or who are suffering because of natural calamities. May Allah bless them too with happiness on every Eid.
Aminah Karim, Age 10, Hyderabad……