Embracing Uniqueness

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Embracing Uniqueness

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Ahmed. He often felt like he didn’t quite fit in with the other kids in his class. They liked different things and did different activities, and sometimes Ahmed felt lonely and sad.

One day during recess, Ahmed seemed upset. He didn’t enjoy his grilled cheese sandwich like he usually did. His teacher, Miss Noor, noticed and asked him what was wrong. Ahmed hesitated at first, but then he opened up about how he was feeling.

“I feel like I’m weird,” Ahmed said, looking down at his shoelaces. “I don’t fit in with the others.”

Miss Noor took a deep breath and spoke kindly to Ahmed. “Ahmed,” she said, “let me tell you something important. Every child is special and unique because Allah has made us all with our own special qualities and talents.”

Miss Noor reminded him that just like every flower in a garden is different and beautiful, every child is special and valuable to Allah. Her words gave Ahmed hope and made him feel like he belonged.

“But how do I know what my talents are?” Ahmed asked, feeling curious and concerned.

Miss Noor smiled. “Well, let’s start with something you enjoy doing. Do you have any hobbies or things you like?”

Ahmed thought for a moment before answering. “I like to draw.”

“Great!” Miss Noor exclaimed. “Drawing is a talent, and it’s a wonderful way to express yourself. Maybe you could create something that shows how you feel or what you think.”

And Ahmed, did you know that Allah is called Al-Musawwir, which means “The Fashioner” or “The Shaper”?

“No, I didn’t know that. What does it mean?” Ahmed asked, intrigued.

“It means that Allah is the one who makes everything in the world perfectly and beautifully,” explained Miss Noor. “Your talent for drawing lets you appreciate the beauty of Allah’s creations even more.”

Ahmed’s eyes lit up with understanding. “That’s amazing, Miss Noor! I will remember that every time I draw.”

Miss Noor smiled proudly at her student. “I’m glad I could share this with you, Ahmed. Keep using your talent to make Allah happy.”

Even though Ahmed had felt a little different before, Miss Noor’s words opened up a whole new world for him.

In the following weeks, Ahmed poured his heart into his artwork. He drew pictures of the world around him, his thoughts, and his feelings. As he continued to create, Ahmed found that he admired Allah’s greatness even more. Each time he put pencil to paper, he was reminded of Allah’s amazing creativity and power.

Soon, Ahmed started showing his drawings to others. His parents proudly displayed his artwork on the walls, and his classmates were impressed by his talent. Ahmed even used his art to raise awareness about important things happening in his community. He felt happy and grateful to make a difference with his talents.

As time went on, Ahmed grew into a confident and talented young man. He knew he was special and valuable, just like every child in the world. Whenever he felt a little down or unsure, he remembered Miss Noor’s words: “Every child is special and unique because Allah made everyone special.” And he found comfort in knowing that he was loved and appreciated just the way he was.

Ahmed’s journey had its ups and downs, but it helped him discover his true self and embrace his talents.