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Words Related with the Railways

Coach, Bogey, Carriage, Wagon: An enclosed car for carrying passenger or goods. (ریل کا ڈبا)


Coupling : A device for connecting railway coaches. (دو ڈبوں کےدرمیان کا جوڑ)

Goods Train : A train that transports goods, not people. (مال گاڑی)

Junction: a place where several routes, lines, or roads meet, link, or cross each other: (جنکشن)

Broadgauge: A rail track with 5 feet 6 inches distance between two rails. (ساڑھے پانچ فیٹ چوڑی پٹری)

Metre gauge : A rail track with one metre (3 feet and 3 inches) distance between two rails. (ایک میٹر چوڑی پٹری)

Narrow gauge : A rail track with 2.6 feet distance between two rails. (ڈھائی فیٹ چوڑی پٹری)

Loco foreman : A road foreman of engines is the traditional title of the person in charge of and the supervisor of, a locomotive engineer.(ریل انجینئر)

Locomotive: A usually electric or diesel-powered, for pulling or pushing freight or passenger cars on railroadtracks. (ریل انجن)


Level Crossing: A crossing where railway tracks crosses a road, generally guarded with gates on either side to bar road traffic when train is passing. (لیول کراسنگ)

Metro: An underground, or largely underground, railway system in certain cities run on electricity. (زمین دوز ٹرین، زیادہ تر شہروں کے اندر چلنے والی)

Monorail: A single rail serving as a track for wheeled vehicles traveling on it or suspended from it. (ایک پٹری والی پر چلنے والی ٹرین)


Marshalling Yard: Marshalling Yard is a place or depot where railway wagons are shunted and made up into trains and where engines, carriages etc are kept when not in use. (جہاں ڈبوں کو جوڑ کر ٹرین بنائی جاتی ہے)

Pit-line : A rail track with pit between the two rails, used for washing the wagons. (ڈبوں کو دھونے والی پتری)

Pointsman: A railway worker who looks after points for changing railway tracks. (پائنٹس مین)

PNR: Passenger Name Record, a 10-digit number given to each ticket. (دس ہندسوں والامصفی نمبر)

Turntable: A section of track that can rotate, allowing locomotives and rolling stock to be reversed. (ایک ایسا ڈیوائس جہاں انجن کو پلٹایا جاتا ہے)

Terminus : The station at the endpoint from where trains cannot move further and have to turn back. (آخری اسٹیشن جہاں سے ٹرین آگے نہیں جاتی)

Retiring room: Rooms for stay of passengers at railway stations. (ریلوے قیام گاہ)

Vestibule: A passage between two railway coaches. (مسافر گاڑی کے ڈبوں کے درمیان کی گزرگاہ)

(Note: Broadgauge, Metregauge, and Narrow Gauge measurements are according to standards gauges in Indian Railways. They could be different for different countries.)