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What is a Dynasty?

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Dynasties are formed when people from a single family rule a region or country. In most cases it is son occupying throne after the death of the King. But there may be other kind of in-house laws for succession. For instance, in some cases King’s brother succeeds and in other cases even wife of the King is enthroned as Queen or Empress. In earlier ages, only male heirs used to succeed their fathers or brothers. But in later ages, even women were declared the ruler if there was no male heir. Several countries such as China and India had several famous dynasties who ruled these countries for several centuries. In China Qin dynasty ruled for a considerable period. India was ruled by several powerful dynasties such as Guptas, Mauryas and the Mughals.  Abbasids ruled Iraq for several centuries while Ottomans ruled Turkey. The oldest continuing dynasty is the one ruling the United Kingdom currently.