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Dear children, let us start with a simple riddle. It is a creation by Allah swt. We eat this everyday. We can be on any part of the earth, but we all consume this wondrous creation in some form or the other. Can you guess what it is?

It is a seed. What did you have for breakfast today? What was the original form of that food item before it came to your plate? It was in the form of a seed.

How much of our attention is drawn to these everyday signs of Allah? We see a seed every day but don’t really pay much attention to it. Today we will spend some time appreciating this marvellous creation of Allah swt.

A dry seed which looks so dull and dead is actually a power house. Can you close your eyes for a minute and think of all the uses of a seed?

The plain seed we see on our kitchen cabinets or lying next to a park bench has the capacity to feed thousands of people and animals. Allah swt not only created it for food but for so many other purposes. You have learnt all these benefits in your science class. A tree gives us oxygen, wood, shade, medicines, perfume, clothes, house for animals and much more. You were given the information of what a tree does for us, but what you were not told is to think about the creator of the tree. How the khaliq, our Lord, has ordered a small seed to take the form of a huge tree.

Can you think of all the different sized seeds you have seen, inside a fruit or in a vegetable? And now can you imagine the size of the tree that has come out of this tiny seed. An apple tree, a guava tree, an orange tree, and so on.

Seeds of different sizes

Allah swt has created seeds of different sizes. Some are almost a foot long and weigh up to 15 kgs and some seeds are so small that can hardly be seen by the unaided eye. But they all do the job that Allah swt has asked them to do. They lay lifeless and spring to life only at the command of Allah swt. Not only in size, but Allah swt has also designed seeds in different colours and shapes.

Travelling of seeds
Have you ever noticed a single tree in the middle of nowhere? Does it make you wonder, who must have planted a seed here, at this spot? Allah swt plans perfectly. He designed this whole universe and knew what should grow where and when. He created the seeds and plotted how they should move.

Allah swt orders the wind to disperse some of the smaller seeds or orders the water to carry some of the big ones. By the will of Allah swt, some seeds attach to animals’ fur or feathers and are carried to far-off distances. Allah swt gave the seeds tiny wings that move with the help of wind. There are many ways a seed leaves its original place and ends up in a new location. Glory be to Allah swt’s planning.

Different germination period
Not all seeds look alike, and not all seeds germinate at the same time. Allah swt has set a different germination period for every seed. The germination experiments you are made to do in the classroom have a very quick germination period. But some seeds take up almost a month to just germinate.

Allah swt has given seeds a very long life span which means by the will of Allah swt they will remain fresh for many years. A seed as old as 1000 years old can still germinate. And sometimes, a new seed that we want to plant doesn’t seem to show any signs of life. What does this prove? No matter what seed we select, only Allah will give life to it.

Allah swt leaves his signs in every creation of His. There is a message for all those who want to ponder and acknowledge Him as al Musawwir.

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