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Let us learn about centres of production in this issue. English language has names for different names for factories manufacturing various products. Here is a short list of them with Urdu alternatives too.


Factory : Place where goods are made. (کارخانہ)

Workshop : Place where goods are repaired (کارگاہ)

Sawmill : Where timber is made into useable pieces.( کارخانہ آراکشی )

Refinery : Where crude oil is turned into petroleum with separation of other chemicals. (پالایشگاہ یا تیل صاف کرنے کا مرکز)

Distillery: Where liquor is made. (کارخانہ تقطیر یا شراب کشید کرنے کا مرکز)

Winery: Where wine is made. (کارخانہ شراب سازی)

Tannery : Where skins are turned into leather.(چمڑہ رنگنے کا کارخانہ یا دباغی)

Foundry : Where metals are melted to cast them into shapes like rods, sheets etc. (ڈھلائی گھر )

Bakery: Where breads and cake are baked. (تنور یا نانوائی)

Dairy: Where milk is processed. (لبنیاتی یا دودھ گھر)

Perfumery: Where perfumes are extracted.(کارخانہ عطریات)

Nursery: Where plant saplings are grown.(گل خانہ)

Laundry: Where clothes are washed. (دھوبی گھر)

Abattoir: Where animals are slaughter and meat is processed.(مذبح خانہ)

Gunfoundry: Cannonball factory (توپ خانہ)

Fishery: Where fish are reared. (ماہی گیری کا مرکز)

Studio: Place for production of art, cinema and design.(سٹوڈیو یا کارگاہ)

Confectionary: Where sweets are prepared. (حلوائی یا شیرینی سازی)

Brick Kiln : Where mud is turned into bricks and then baked. (اینٹوں کی بھٹی)

Flour Mill: Where grains are ground into flour. (آٹاچکی)