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Five Sons of Iblis

Silence is Patience’
Terms Related with Birds (پرندوں سے متعلق الفاظ و اصطلاحات)
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Iblees has five sons, he has appointed each of them on one of his affairs, their names are:
• Thabr,
• al-A’war,
• Musawwat,
• Dasim,
• Zulunbur.

• Thabr: He is respon­sible for calamities. He orders people to rip their clothes, slap their cheeks, and make the call of ignorance when stricken by calamity

• al-A’war: He is responsible for fornication (Zina). He beautifies it and orders others to commit it

• Musawwat: He is responsible for lies. He hears the news and transfers it to someone else, who in turn, goes to a gathering of people and tells them

• Dasim: He shows a wife’s faults to her husband and makes him angry with her

• Zulunbur: He is responsible for the marketplace. He sticks his flag (Fitnah) therein.

[Makaaid ash Shaytaan by Ibn Abi ad Dunya (54/35)]
A Shabbir Ahmed