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Friends on a Farm

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By A Staff Writer

Dolcy lived on ‘Nolly Farm’, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He didn’t go to school as his parents felt he could learn more on the  farm.  His friend Chinku too didn’t go to school and would come over often to the farm. There they would play games like ‘Nature Trail’, ‘Jump-Jump’, and ‘Hide-and-Seek’. They both also had lots of fun climbing trees, plucking plums and cherries.
Little Dolcy had just woken up from his bed. Rubbing his eyes, he heard a “Moo Moo!”  coming from the barn. Climbing out of bed, he skipped across to the kitchen. He put out little bowls of hot porridge for breakfast.  Soon, Chinku came over to the farm on her little pink cycle and they had breakfast together.
“Chinku, Chinku, guess what! I heard a moo-moo sound coming from the farm a while ago. What could it be Chinku?”
 “Goodness gracious Dolcy!”, replied Chinku. “Come, let’s set off to the barn.”
Dolcy and Chinku raced over the barn. As they peeped inside, guess who they saw? Cuddled up in a corner was a cute baby calf, cream in colour, with the most beautiful  nose and floppy ears.
“Wuppy!”, squealed Chinku in delight. “Daisy has given birth to a calf! Let’s call him Creamy!”
After lunch, Dolcy and Chinku again hopped to the barn. “Creamy, Creamy, you are our new friend!” they called out. Creamy looked at the children and nodded his head.
 In a few days’ time, when Creamy was big enough to walk on his own, he would accompany Chinku and Dolcy on walks around the farm. The children introduced him to Gracy the goose, Sheeshu and Ponytail the donkeys, Fancy the frog, and Judith and Alex the dogs. Creamy was very happy meeting all of them, signifying that by merrily jumping up and down!
Every morning these days, there’s a lot of activity on Nolly Farm. If you drop in, you’ll see Chinku and Dolcy helping out in the fields, and also playing with Creamy and all their other animal-friends!