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What is Culture?

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Culture is all that people have created themselves as opposed to Nature which means everything created by God or Allah. Nature has no role for human beings. But Culture evolves over a period of time with people’s habits, values and customs fusing together and taking a distinct shape. It is also evident from the food people eat and the way they dress. For instance, in Iran and Afghanistan, all the members of the family sit around a huge plate and eat from it. It is Iranian culture of eating. Bohra families start their meal by consuming a pinch of salt. This is Bohra custom.
The manner of carrying loads differs from country. For instance, in most of the Hindi belt the children are carried on the waist by women. In the north eastern states of India the small infants are tied in a sheet of cloth on the back of the women. In most of the West African states, people carry even small things on their head. Even school kids carry their books on the head. All such habits and customs are parts of culture.
Music, language, singing, sculpting, painting, cooking and style of celebrations are part of culture. Culture of one place or country differs from the other place or country.