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Glossary of Equestrian Terms گھوڑوں اور گھڑ سواری سے متعلق اصطلاحات

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Colt: A male horse under 4 years old that has not been castrated.
(نوجوان گھوڑا)

Dam: The mother of the horse.
(گھوڑے کی ماں)

Dandy Brush: A brush with stiff bristles, used to remove dried mud from a horse’s coat.
(گھوڑے کی صفائی کا برش)

Farrier: This is a blacksmith who does horse shoeing. (نالبند)

Farrier at work

Equestrian: Relating to horse-riding. (شہسواری سے متعلق)

Filly: A female horse under 4 years old. (چار سال سے چھوٹی گھوڑی)

Gymkhana: Rodeo events made up of games such as pole bending and barrel racing. (جم خانہ)

Hand: A hand is the unit of height that horses are measured in. 1 hand = 4 inches = 10 centimeters.
(گھوڑے کو ناپنے کا پیمانہ۔ایک ہینڈ یعنی 4 انچ)

Horse-riding: The activity of riding a horse, for enjoyment, exercise, or in competitions. (شہسواری)

In harness: A horse that is in harness is wearing a harness.  
(پٹی بندھا ہواگھوڑا)

Horse in harness

Jodhpurs: Pants specially made for horse riding.  
(عموماً گھڑ سواری کے لیے پہنی جانے والی برجیں گھٹنوں سے ٹخنوں تک)


Jockey: A rider. The word “jockey” is usually used for race horse riders.  (گھڑدوڑکاچابک سوار)

Bridle: The entire headpiece, the headstall, bit, chin strap, and reins, is called the bridle. (لگام)

Broodmare: A female horse that is used strictly for breeding.  (گھوڑی،مادیان)

Foal: A baby horse or pony still at its mother’s side.
(گھوڑی کا بچہ جو ماں کے ساتھ رہتا ہے)

Mare: A female horse over 4 years old. (چار برس سےبڑی گھوڑی)

Martingale :A leather device used to control the position of a horse’s head. (پیش بند)

Mane: The hair that grows out of the horse’s neck, from behind the ears to the wither.
(گھوڑے کی گردن کے لمبے بال)

Muzzle: Basket for keeping horse mouth shut.
(منہ بند کرنے کی پٹی)
Mule : The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. (خچّر)

Stable: A building  in which  horses are  kept. (اصطبل)


Purebred: A horse that through generations of unmixed breeding, has and will produce the preferred physical characteristics of the breed. (خالص النسل)

Racecourse: A wide, usually  circular,  path with grass surface, on which horses race, or the  area that includes this path and  buildings around it.
(گھڑ دوڑ کا میدان)

Pony : Breeds of small horses, under 14.2 hands tall. (ٹٹّو)


Stud book: A stud book  is a written record of the breeding of particular horse, especially a racehorse.
(گھوڑے کا نسل نامہ)

Stallion: A male horse over 4 years old that has not been castrated.
(خصی نہ کیا ہوا یا غیر آختہ چار سال سے زائید عمر کا گھوڑا)

Syce: A person who takes care of horses. (گھوڑوں کا نگران)