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Glossary of Terms Related to Diplomacy (سفارتی اصطلاحات)

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Ambassador: The chief of a diplomatic mission; the ranking official diplomatic representative of a country to the country to which s/he is appointed. (سفیر)

Attaché: An official assigned to a diplomatic mission or embassy. Usually, this person has advanced expertise in a specific field, such as agriculture, commerce, or the military. (اتاشی)

Chancery: The office space where the Chief of Mission and his staff work. This office is sometimes called the embassy.
(سفارت خانہ)

Communiqué: A brief public summary statement issued following important bilateral or multilateral meetings.
(ممالک کے درمیان گفت و شنیدکے بعد جاری اعلامیہ)

Credentials: The name for letters given to an ambassador by chief of state, and addressed to the chief of state of the host country. They are delivered to the latter by the ambassador in a formal credentials ceremony, which generally takes place shortly after his/her arrival at a new post. (اسناد)

Consulate: An office that is part of an embassy or established by one nation in an important city of another nation for the purpose of supporting and protecting its citizens traveling or residing there. خانہ قونصل

Defection: When an official gives up his or her allegiance to one state in preference for another, usually because of disagreement over government policy, often immigrating to or seeking asylum in the new state.
(سفارتی خدمات سے انحراف کر میزبان ملک میں پناہ)  

Diplomacy: The art and practice of conducting negotiations and maintaining relations between nations; skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility. (ڈپلومسی)

Diplomat: A diplomat is one employed or skilled in diplomacy.
(سفارت کار)

Diplomatic Immunity: The formal protection given to diplomats by their host country which shields them from prosecution or arrest.
(سفارت کاروں کی گرفتاری یا عدالتی چارہ جوئی سے چھوٹ)

Disarmament: Disarmament refers to the practice of removing or destroying already created weapons. (تحدید اسلحہ)

Embassy: The diplomatic delegation from one country to another. Embassy is often used to refer to the chancery ““ containing the office of the chief of mission, or ambassador. Also referred as Mission.  (سفارت خانہ)

Emissary: Someone sent on a mission to represent another’s interests. (ایلچی)

Espionage: The collection of secret information by a foreign individual for his or her native government. (جاسوسی)

Extradition: The legal process by which an accused or confirmed criminal is transferred from one country to another. 
(کسی مجرم کو ایک ملک سےدوسرے ملک کو منتقل کرنے کا عمل)

Negotiation: Discussion between the representatives of two or more parties intended to reach a compromise on a disputed topic of interest. (مذاکرات)

Persona non grata: A Latin phrase meaning “unwelcome person.” As a legal term, it refers to the practice of a state prohibiting a diplomat from entering the country as a diplomat, or censuring a diplomat already resident in the country for conduct unbecoming of the status of a diplomat. (ناپسندیدہ شخصیت)

Protocol: Refers to the ceremonial side of diplomacy, including matters of diplomatic courtesy and precedence.
(سفارتی ضابطۂاخلاق)

Prisoner of war or ‘POW’: A person who surrenders to the enemy in time of war. (جنگی قیدی)
Rogue State: A state that does not respect other states in its international action. (سرپھرا ملک)

Sanctions: A form of hard power, these are coercive measures taken by one or more states to protest another state’s actions and to force a change of behavior. (تحدیدات)

Treaty: An agreement or arrangement made by negotiation; a contract in writing between two or more political authorities such as sovereign states.

Summit: A formally arranged meeting of heads of governments.
(ممالک کے سربراہوں کی ملاقات)

Visa: A document issued by a country giving an individual permission to formally request entrance to the country during a given period of time and for certain purposes and usually stamped or glued inside a passport.
(ویزا،دوسرے ملک میں داخلہ کا پروانہ)