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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is the awareness of and the ability to manage one’s own emotions and have empathy for others.

Signs of Emotional Intelligence
• An ability to identify and describe what people are feeling
• An awareness of personal strengths and limitations
• Self-confidence and self-acceptance
• The ability to let go of mistakes
• An ability to accept and embrace change
• A strong sense of curiosity, particularly about other people
• Feelings of empathy and concern for others
• Showing sensitivity to the feelings of other people
• Accepting responsibility for mistakes
• The ability to manage emotions in difficult situations

Some ways in which you can improve your emotional intelligence-
• Identify your triggers
• Name your emotions
• Practice healthy living
• Stay connected with friends

• Identify early attachment experiences that may have influenced how you currently manage your emotions
• Practice mindfulness to connect with your emotions
• Ask for feedback from others around you

• Identify non-verbal cues in others
• Practice active listening skills
• Empathize with others