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Kindness-An unappreciated blessing

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How often have we heard from people around us saying- Don’t be so generous and kind, the world makes a fool out of you and people like you. Helping the needy has become an act of foolishness.

We have come to a point where we don’t mind wasting thousands of rupees on things that aren’t permissible or things that aren’t required. But to give out from our pockets, in order to help the needy, we make an agenda. And not just financial help, we think a lot before helping others with words or actions.

Failing to realize that kindness is a blessing from Allah swt, is a huge loss. When we read the Qur’an, names of Allah swt, we always come across attributes of love, Mercy, giving, etc. Isn’t this a part of kindness? Another part about the Qur’an that shows kindness is softening of the heart and a mercy from Allah swt, are the stories of people before us. Nation of Aad, Nation of Thamud, Nation of Pharaoh, and many people that came before us. They were mighty. But, they had no kindness, softness in their hearts. It is by Allah swt we know that their end was indeed a terrible one.

So many signs Allah swt tells us that being kind is a blessing. And who is more kind than Prophet Muhammad salalaahu alayheewasallam. When this world tells you to withhold your kindness towards family, friends, and the needy, Remind yourself that Allah swt chose you to be courteous. You are kind only for the sake of Allah swt to gain reward only from him. Don’t ever feel discouraged or expect people to pay back for your kindness because Allah swt’s reward is much greater than what people can give. His reward for you is forever but what people can give you in return is temporary.

Apart from materialistic rewards, Dua is the most precious asset you can receive in return for your kindness. You may not feel physical benefits from it, but dua made for you can help you gain goodness of this world and hereafter. So ensure when you help someone, ask the only reward that only Allah swt can fulfill in the best form, in your favour- Dua. Remember that your blessing of being kind may seem an act of idiocy to the world, but to Allah swt, it’s an act of a blessed servant. You are practicing one of the attributes of our beloved Prophet (sallallahualayhiwasallam). On the day of judgment, you shall be rewarded entirely for it in shah Allah swt.