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Buddy and the Garbage Bin
Glossary of Terms Related with Scientific Instruments (سائنٹیفک پیمائشی آلات)
Eight-Year-Old Kashmiri Girl wins Gold in kickboxing

If you look at the map of Libya, it is a vast sandy country with most cities located on the Mediterranean coast. A string of lakes have been found in the southern region of Libya in the Sahara deserts. There are 20 such lakes in the Sand Sea of Fezzan. These are hidden behind the huge sand dunes. Among them Ummul Maa and Gaberoun lakes are most picturesque. It is said civilizations existed here in olden age. Now these are tourists sports. These lakes are seven metres to 32 metres in depth and five time saltier than the usual sweet water lakes. Their palm-fringed shores are ideal haunts for tourists.