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Graceful Greeny and Noble Zoyi

By Nigar
Hi Kids!
So, you all must be having summer holidays now. Wonder what you are up to! Hope you are not video gaming or scampering around in big malls. So boring! Here is some exciting news from Nature and the wild!
Maybe most of you like animals, birds insects and butterflies. Let me tell you about Greeny, a big tom cat. He was brown in colour with stripes and very lovely green eyes like emeralds. He often came to the house where I live and drank some milk and also munched cat food. Greeny was very well-mannered. When the other cats – Socks and Tabby – were eating their food, he would never disturb them. He was very polished. He liked his own bowl and did not eat leftover food eaten by Socks or Tabby. Greeny also had good table manners: he never made noises like “gurr-gurr” while munching his food. He would bend his cute head and focused his eyes on his meal. Isn’t this the way we should eat too?.
A very good quality about Greeny was that he did not poke his nose in other cats’ affairs. Tabby, the small cat, would sometimes be naughty, but Greeny did not scold Tabby.
Socks, the white cat, was bigger than Greeny and growled and made faces at him. But Greeny did not growl back. He would silently fold his paws and tail and sit on the window ledge. Once, Greeny had a small injury on his ear and I put some powder there. But Greeny did not complain about the pain. He was a very self-respecting cat.
This summer, Greeny had become weak and would just come and sit on the window ledge and bend his head. He wasn’t eating his favourite cat food also. The last time I saw Greeny, he was drinking water in the backyard, and after that, he wandered away somewhere to a place only God knows.
Greeny was a very saintly cat: so kind, peaceful, wise and very gentle. Whenever I patted him, he would be very happy and from Greeny I learnt that the world and its problems are all temporary and we should not worry about tomorrow as, like Greeny showed, God will take us wherever He wills and we should surrender to His will like Greeny did! God bless Greeny!
Now, let me tell you about Zoyi, who is a big doggy and lives with Mora Aunty who loves animals a lot and is very kind. Zoyi is a very good dog and barks only when necessary. Otherwise, the whole day she is sitting under the dining table and watching Mora Aunty doing work on her laptop or watching Zara, the bigger dog, wagging her bushy tail.
We think that only human beings are kind and do good work. But kids, you will be amazed to know that even animals do good things. It so happened that another dog belonging to a friend was not well and needed blood. So, Mora aunty sent Zoyi to a vet’s Clinic and there Zoyi donated blood for the sick dog. Isn’t that wonderful?
So, kids, this summer vacation, try to make friends with animals, birds and insects. You will learn so much from them, things which you may not be able to learn from your school textbooks!