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On the Occasion of “Daughters Day.”

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Nationally and Internationally, “Daughters day” is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in September every year.

Why is the day celebrated? Since the beginning, it is observed that the human beings have shown unpleasantness on the birth of girl child though they have been given birth by a mother, i.e.,the daughter only. The history of the world says that whenever and wherever the woman gave birth to a girl child, the family members used to bury it live, which was not less than a beast act. In the same line, whenever a husband dies, his wife also burns along with the dead body.

Human beings slowly became civilized because of the descendence of more than a lakh messengers from the Almighty who taught what is good and what is evil. Thus the human beings start to give value to daughters and women in society. Particularly the religion Islam gave the proper position to daughters and women in the world. According to Islamic teachings, the Daughters are the blessings of Allah or God for their parents.

Thus the society introduced celebrating the “daughters day” to respect them and equalize with male human beings.

On daughter’s day, it is the responsibility of parents to please them by offering gifts and spending quality time to please them and erase the gender bias from their minds. Even in today’s modern world, the daughters require much attention as far as their education, upliftment in all fields to survive, and gender protection, particularly in the present literate society. If these said points are missing, it is a waste to celebrate ‘The Daughters Day.’