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Tale Time – Ared’s Good Heart and His Little Tin Box

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“‹”‹By Sheesha Hee!”‹

Ared lived in a little town. He worked hard, driving a cycle-rickshaw to support his family.
One day, a woman got into Ared’s cycle-rickshaw along with her son. “Please hurry and take us to the hospital,” she said.
As Ared sped along, he asked the woman what the matter was.
“My child has badly hurt himself and has to have an operation,” the woman explained. “It costs so much! I don’t know where I am going to get the money.”
When they reached the hospital, the woman took out her purse to pay Ared, but he stopped her. “No, sister. I won’t take any money from you,” he said. “May God bless your son. With God’s grace, I am sure your son will be fine soon.”
The woman was greatly touched by Ared’s kindness.
As Ared watched the woman and her son head into the hospital he came up with a brilliant idea. There was a lot of suffering in the world, but he could do something to help reduce it””even by taking a needy person to hospital in his rickshaw for free. He recalled the teachings of his spiritual Master”‹ about the importance of helping others in need.
And do you know what Ared did then? He headed straight to a nearby shop, where he bought a little tin box. Then, he went home and requested his daughter to paint the words ‘Give, in God’s Name, for the needy’ on it in bright letters.
In a short while, Ared’s little charity-box was ready! He fixed it on a place in his rickshaw where it could easily be spotted. Passengers began to put money in it when they asked Ared what it was for. He would tell them, “It’s to collect money for patients who can’t afford the cost of going to hospital.”
In a few months, news about Ared and the good he was doing spread across the town. People who didn’t have enough money for doctor’s fees and things like that began to contact Ared for help. And Ared would help them with the money that his passengers would put into his tin box.
If you happen to visit the town where Ared lives, do please take a ride in his rickshaw. You might also like to put in some money into his little box and that way help somebody!