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Terms Related with Construction (تعمیر سے متعلق اصطلاحات)

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Architect: A professional who prepares the design and supervises construction. (معمار),
Blueprint: The map and sketch of the building as the work progresses and finalizes.
کِسی عمارت کا نقشہ نیلے کاغذ پر جو سفید) لکیروں سے تیار کیا جاتا ہے)
Beam- A structural member transversely supporting a load.
Concrete: The mixture of Portland cement, sand, gravel, and water.
Contractor: A person who undertakes construction or supply of material.
Façade: Principal front of a building which faces the street.
(عمارت کا چہرہ)
Glazing: The process of installing glass.
(شیشہ لگانے کا کام)
Grout- A wet mixture of cement, sand and water that flows into masonry or ceramic crevices to seal the cracks between the different pieces. ”
(گچ” کرنا یا دیوار کی درزوں اور سوراخوں کو بند کرنے کے لیے اِن میں پتلی سیمنٹ بھرنا)
Lintel: A horizontal structural member that supports the load over an opening such as a door or window.
(سر دل)
Mantel- The shelf above a fireplace opening.
(آتش خانے کے اوپر کا شیلف)
Mason: A person skilled in cutting, dressing, and laying stone in buildings. (مستری)
Mortgage- Loan secured by land.
(تعمیر کے لیے قرض، زمین کو رہن رکھنا)
Primer- The first, base coat of paint when a paint job consists of two or more coats.
(بنیادی پینٹ)
Rafter- Lumber used to support the roof sheeting and roof loads.
PVC: Poly Vinyl Chloride-A type of white or light gray plastic pipe sometimes used for water supply lines and waste pipe.
(پانی کی نکاسی کےلیےاستعمال ہونے والے پائیپ کا مٹیریل)
Scaffoldings: Temporary platforms of poles and planks erected outside a construction site while construction progresses.
(تعمیراتی مچان)
Stairwell: A shaft in a building in which a staircase is built.
(زینوں کے درمیان کا کھلا حصہ)
Stucco: Refers to an outside plaster finish made with Portland cement as its base.
(پلاسٹر سے کی گئی اُستر کاری)
Waterproofing: High-quality below-grade moisture protection.
(نمی سے حفاظت کی کیمیاوی ترکیب)