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Terms Related with Crime and Police (جرائم اور پولس سے متعلق الفاظ)

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1. At Large: Not caught, running free. (مفرور)
2. Accomplice: A partner in a crime.(ارتکاب جرم میں ساتھ دینے والا)
3. Assailant: A person who assaults or attacks. (حملہ آور)
4. Bail: large amount of money that someone pays as a promise to appear in court. (ضمانت)
5. Burglar: A person who breaks into a home or business and steals items. (جو دروازہ یا کھڑکی توڑ کر داخل ہو اور چوری کرے)
6. Cop: Police officer (پولس افسر)
7. Felony: A major crime e.g., murder. (بڑا جرم)
8. FIR: The first report written when a police station records the commission of crime. (اِطلاعِ اوّل)
9. Chargesheet: A formal police record showing the names of each person brought into custody, the nature of the accusations, and the identity of the accusers.(فردِ جرم)
10. Forgery: The act of falsely making a false document to usurp somebody’s legal rights. (جعل سازی)
11. Forensic: Scientific Application of scientific methods for investigation of crime.
(جرائم کی تفتیش کا جدید سائنسی طریقہ)
12. Intruder: A person who enters a home or business illegally. (در انداز)
13. Parole: A holiday during prison term. (پیرول)
14. House-lifter: One who steals by inserting hand through a window, hole etc.(اُٹھائی گرہ)
15. juvenile delinquent: A minor who commits a crime (usually under age of 18). (کمسن مجرم)
16. Street Crime: Crime such as drugs and prostitution. (منشیات یا جسم فروشی جیسے جرائم)
17. Misdemeanour: A minor crime for which punishment is usually a fine or less than one year in jail. (چھوٹا جرم)
18. Convict: a person who is doing (or supposed to be doing) jailtime. (سزا یافتہ مجرم)
19. Mounted Police: Policemen riding horses. (گھوڑسوارپولس)