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Terms Related with Disease and Medicine (امراض وعلاج سے متعلق الفاظ)

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Panacea: A medicine that can cure any illness. (اکسیرِ اعظم)

Prescription: A medicine told by doctor to be taken by patient.
(نسخۂ علاج)

Placebo: A substance that is not medicine but believed by a patient to be medicine and gets better.
(ایک بے ضرر مادّہ جو دوائی کے طور پر دیا جاتا ہے)

Biopsy: The process of removing a mass of cells from patient’s body to find out a disease.
(تشخیصِ مرض کا ایک مخصوص امتحان، جس میں خلیات کے ایک مجموعے کو مریض کے جسم سے نکال کر طبّی تجزیہ کیا جاتا ہے، یا”بایوپسی” )

Cadaver: A dead body.
(مردہ جسم)

Caesarian: Delivery of a child by cutting through the wall of the abdomen.
(پیٹ چیر کر بچے کی پیدائش)
Geriatric: Pertaining to old age. (بڑھاپے سے متعلق)

Gangrene: Death or decomposition of a part of tissues of the body due to obstructed blood circulation.
(دورانِ خون کے رکنے سے جسم کے کسی حصے کا مردہ ہو جانا)

Forensic Medicine: Branch of medical science where medical facts are applied for legal purposes. (طبِّ قانونی)

Jaundice: A disease due to malfunction of liver, characterized by yellowing of eyes. (یرقان)

Laxative: Medicine aimed facilitating the passing of faecal matter. (قبض کشا)

Lesion: A wound or injury (زخم)
Palliative care: Care aimed at minimizing pain or suffering when cure is not possible.
(مرض کی شدّت کو کم کرنے والا علاج)

Paroxysm: A sharp convulsion or fit. (اچانک دورہ پڑنا)

Hirsuitism: Presence of excessive body or facial hair in women. (انہونی جگہ پر بالوں کا اُگ آنا)

Infirmary: Clinic or small hospital. (آسپتال)

Quarantine: Isolation imposed on a person who arrived from elsewhere in order not to allow spreading infectious disease.
(طبّی قید)

Ulcer: An open sore with formation of pus. (پیپ دار زخم)

Vaccine: A formulation to stimulate production of antibodies to provide immunity.
(بیماریوں سے دفاع کا ٹیکہ)

Wheezing: To breath with difficulty, often with a sound.
(خر خراہٹ دار سانس لینے کا عمل)