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Terms Related with Oceans سمندر سے متعلق اصطلاحات

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Bay: A sea surrounded with land on three sides. (خلیج) E.g., Bay of Bengal.

Cape: The tip of the conical landmass that is surrounded by sea on most sides. (راس). E.g., Cape Comorin, Cape of Good Hope.

Coral Reef: A coral reef is a long narrow mass of coral and other substances, the top of which is usually just above or just below the surface of the sea. (مونگے کی چٹان، ساحلی مرجان)

Cyclone: A violent rotating storm which pelts immense amount of rain. Usually it has wind speed exceeding 40 miles an hour. (گردبار، سائکلون،سمندری طوفان)

Delta: The triangular piece of land covered by a river which splits into several streams before entering the sea.
(مثلث نما زمین جو کسی دریا کے دہانے پر بن جاتی ہے)

Fishing port: Port used by only boats and ships engaged in fishing. (ماہی گیری اڈہ)

Harbour: Yard at the ports where ships anchor themselves.
(جہازوں کی قرارگاہ)

Isthmus: Narrow strip of land that connects two landmasses and separates two seas. (خاکنائے) e.g.,

Lagoon: Coastal lake. (ساحلی جھیل)

Mangrove: Thick bushes that grow on swamps along the sea coast forming a network of branches. The mangroves are an effective cushion against tidal destruction. (چمرنگ)

Monsoon: The oceanic winds that rise from the southern seas and bring rain to the South Asian and Southeast Asia.
(مانسون، ہوائیں جو جنوبی سمندروں سے بارش لاتی ہیں)

Moorage: A place for mooring ships and charges for the same. (لنگر گاہ)

Oceanography: Study of oceans. (بحریات)

Oceanarium: Enclosure for breeding sea animals. (ماہی خانہ)

Peninsula: Triangular landmass that protrudes into the sea. (جزیرہ نما). (e.g., South Indian peninsula)

Shore: The land along the sea. Also called coast. (ساحل)

Seafaring: Travel through the sea. (بحری سفر)

Seaman: Member of a ship crew. (جہازراں)

Seaworthy: Capable of sea travel (بحری سفر کے لئے موزوں).

Strait: Narrow strip of sea that separates two large landmasses and connects two seas. E.g., Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka, or Strait of Malacca between Malaysia and island of Sumatara. (آبنائے)

Tide and Ebb: Rise and fall of sea waves synchronizing with phases of moon. (جوار بھاٹا،مدو جزر)

Trade winds: Sea winds that blow towards the equator and were considered favourable for ships with merchandise. (تجارتی ہوائیں)

Tsunami: High oceanic tides caused by quake or volcanic activity under the sea which can cause destruction on the coastal areas. (سمندر میں اٹھنے والی طوفانی لہر جو زیر آب زلزلے کی وجہ سے اٹھی ہو،سنامی ایک جاپانی لفظ ہے)

Whirlpool: Circulation of water into the shape of a trough in seas. (گرداب،بھنور)