The Only way out is Forgiveness

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The Only way out is Forgiveness

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In our short life, there is nothing more beautiful and beloved than the concept and destination of a successful life. We want to be only successful in everything, everywhere. For this we are ready for all kinds of running.

Apply all your abilities. What is the end result? People have different goals. One wants to have all the comforts in his life. He wants his body, clothes, house, children, and beauty to reach the point where his eyes and heart can find pleasure. He who gets all this considers it successful and now he can enjoy himself and have fun.

But we can get all these achievements only till the last breath of life. Then the mud pit, loneliness. If all these blessings are used in gratitude and obedience to Allah, then the Garden of Paradise and the pleasures in the future and if all these comforts and blessings are against the will of Allah, then the grave will be a pit of dirt and after the reckoning. He must live in the fire. A successful life can only be lived by those who do not envy people seeing them flourish and do not try to look down on them. Do not create difficulties in the way of its development. Our heart is the center of all kinds of thoughts. It is beyond our control to stop these thoughts.

We do not have the power to create these thoughts, but Allah has given us such power that we can replace bad thoughts with good thoughts in our hearts. Forgiveness of people avoids cruelty and obscenity. If it is committed and he immediately remembers Allah, asking for His forgiveness and refraining from committing sins, sleeping less at night, praying to his God, asking for His forgiveness, and understanding the rights of others in his wealth are very important for leading a successful life. It is necessary.