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Water related Terms (پانی سے متعلق اصطلاحات)

Cattle Related Terms (مویشیوں سے متعلق اصطلاحات)
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Glossary of Terms Related with Natural Disasters (قدرتی آفات سے متعلق اصطلاحات)

Acid rain: Rain which takes nitrogen and sulphur from the atmosphere and gets acidic.
(تیزابی بارش)
Acre-foot: The volume of water required to cover an area of one acre of land with 12 inches of water depth. This is equal to 12,33,346 litres of water.
(ایک فٹ یا ایک ایکر کے رقبے میں ایک فٹ (بارہ انچ) گہرے پانی کے حجم کو ناپنے کا پیمانہ)
Aquifer: A geologic formation that holds and yields useable amounts of water.
(زیرِ زمین آبی ذخائر)  
Brook: A natural stream of water, smaller than a river or creek.
Cubic feet per second (cfs): A rate of the flow. One cfs is equal to a volume of water one foot deep and one foot wide flowing a distance of one foot in one second. One cfs is equal to approximately 1,703 litres per minute.
(بہتے پانی کی پیمائش۔ ایک منٹ میں ایک فیٹ چوڑا یا ایک فیٹ گہرا پانی۔ یہ مقدار3071لیٹرس (فی منٹ)کے مساوی ہوتی ہے)
Distillation: The separation of different substances in a solution by boiling the water and then cooling off the vapour which results in pure water. Impurities remain in the concentrated residue.
(تبخیر اور پانی سے آلودگی کہ دور کرنے کاعمل)
Drainage: The natural movement of surface water over a land area to a river, lake or ocean.
(زمین پہ پانی کے بہنے کا عمل)
Effluent: Wastewater discharged from factories or animal farms.
(کارخانوں سے خارج شدہ گندہ پانی)

Evaporation: The process by which water is transformed to the gaseous state. (تبخیری عمل)
Floodplain: The land area adjacent to a river that can be covered by water when a river or stream overflows its banks.
(تاسِ سیلاب یا ندی سے متصل زمین جو سیلابی پانی سے بھر جائے)

Groundwater: Water present under the ground.
(زیر زمین پانی)
Hardness (water): Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. Such water leaves deposits in pipes. Hardness is often reported as ppm or milligrams per liter (mg/l) of calcium carbonate.
(پانی کا بھاری پن)

Irrigation: The controlled application of water to crops.
(آب پاشی)
Lake: A considerable body of inland water or an expanded part of a river. (جھیل)

Percolation: The movement of water through saturated soil layers, often continuing downward to groundwater.
(پانی کا زیر زمین رساؤ)
pH: A numerical measure of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale ranges from 1 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline). A pH of 7 is neutral.
(پانی کی تیزابیت یاشورائیت کا پیمانہ)

Pollution: Contamination of water due to human activity.
(آبی آلودگی)

Potable water: Water fit for human consumption.
(پینے کے قابل)
Precipitation: Rain or snow falling to the ground.
(بارش یا برف باری اور اس کی مقدار)
Reservoir: Water behind a dam is called a reservoir.
(ڈیم کی پشت پر ذخیرۂ آپ)

Reverse osmosis (RO): A water treatment process used to remove dissolved inorganic chemicals and suspended particulate matter by passing it through a semi-permeable membrane.
(ایک جھلی سے پانی کو گزار کر نمک کو علاحدہ کرنے کا عمل)
River basin: The area drained by a river and its tributaries.
(تاسِ دریا)
Runoff: Rainwater that does not infiltrate the soil but runs off to a river or sea.
(برسنے والا پانی جو دریا میں جا ملے)  

Transpiration: The process of evaporation of water from plants through leaves.
(پودوں سے بخارات کا اخراج)

Turbidity: Water with high density of pollutants.
(میلا، کثیف)