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What are Resources?

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Anything that provides the base for survival, sustenance or development is a resource. There are several kinds of resources:
Natural Resources: Water, air, sunshine which are freely available. One cannot remain alive without them.
Mineral Resources: Iron ore, coal, crude oil, bauxite or graphite and other elements are mineral resources which provide us raw material for developing things of use or energy for running the machines etc.
Human Resources: Now there is a tendency to recognize the physical energy that people use in work and the skills and intelligence invested for production as human resources.
Financial Resources: Capital is also necessary for production. Money invested in any productive work is called financial resource.
Remember all resources have some cost but the most basic ones like air and sunshine are free. While water is also a free resource. But since piped water involves some cost, it carries a tariff tag in most places. However bottled water is priced.