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Shazia Khan: Redefining the Preschool Paradigm

The Discover Yourself  Workshop was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, at Suleman Nana Memorial Hall on 30, 31 and 1 April 2012. Some of the participants share their experiences of the Workshop

JULIE: Today, sadly our journey ends. In this troubled world of today, there are people like Sadathullah Sir, who travel the world to share and enlighten mankind, giving the gift he has so selflessly. Since the loss of my daughter and husband, the laughter died too, but your presentation, especially the manner in which you presented it made me laugh again. I really have been living with flat tyres, but Alhamdulillah in His infinite Mercy sent the best mechanic to be the fixer. The best gift ever received and I am grateful to you for having changed my life forever. Thank you for showing the way of truth. Forever will I walk on your beam.

SAMEENA: I have learnt the true meaning and insight of Quranic Ayaat and hadith and feel the true effect of it. I have learnt to appreciate the bounties Allah has favored on us even more.  Being an Aalimah, I have had the sight of knowledge before, but now I have gained insight. I do not have sight any more, but rather vision. I learnt to realize the power of Ibaadaat (worship) from a scientific perspective. I have experienced
true Imaan, Yaqeen and true recognition of Allah. I have learnt how to use my Ilm (knowledge) to be a better Muslim and surrender myself to Allah whole heartedly. Jazakallah, to you for all the sacrifices.,

ZAKIA: I was always an angry stressful person, worried about every one and all that I had to do. I have managed to change myself for the better and became a better person. One lesson I have really taken from the workshop is that you do not do the talking it is actually your ego that is talking. I also learnt to let go of people from the past because it impacts our present and the future.

NABEELA: I have removed the veils and have become more aware of it. I have become more tolerant of the people around me. I have held on to the past for too long. I blamed everyone around me but myself. I learnt to communicate with my Creator and that is the best gift. I have learnt to keep my mind still.

SURAYA: Opening up my eyes and mind to a whole new way of living-moment to moment. Be aware and conscious of the base from which I operate. I have thepower to influence my future.

NASSEFA: I have always prayed for peace and contentment and I believe Allah has answered my prayers by sending me to this workshop so that I may use the tools to get the inner peace and contentment. I know it is going to be hard, but I am going to get there. I will live in the now and look at all things from Allah’s perspective and nothing else.

SUMAYA: Before I attended I was always judging and criticizing my husband and children. If anything was said to me I would immediately react, get angry and fight. Now I listen and laugh at the way I used to react previously. My family communicated that I am calmer and more quite. Shukran!

NAJMA: I learnt a lot from the workshop. I was proud, stubborn, and always thought, I am right. I always fulfilled my desires and not realizing I was damaging my soul Allah gave me. Now I realize that I am nothing and submit to Allah and lead a beautiful life. My family notices that there was a change in me and I was calmer and spoke less.

NASEEMA: My whole family is attending this workshop and I feel that it has already benefitted us and our home so much. Its very peaceful and relaxed since the workshop. I normally have a short tempe,r but now I am so passive in situations that would usually irritate me. I also realized the value of my life and how I have been wasting my youth by having all this hatred and carrying baggages since childhood and the only one I am hurting is myself. Your way of getting everything through is amazing. I am grateful that I could attend this workshop now at the age of 17 and use these tools in my life. It was really eye opening and interesting.