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Archbishop of Canterbury Honours Muslim Imam

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, principal leader of the Church of England and the symbolic head of the worldwide Christian Anglican Communion,
has honoured a Muslim imam for his bravery during the Finsbury Park mosque attack. The Archbishop recognised Imam Mohammed Mahmoud for his “courageous and selfless intervention” to prevent violence against a driver who had run down worshippers near a mosque in Finsbury Park in June 2017. Mahmoud was one of the 30 recipients of the 2018 Lambeth Awards, which was presented by the Archbishop Justin recently.
“It is a sad fact that we live in a world where there is much cruelty and much neglect. Throughout the world…it is the poorest and weakest who suffer most from the selfishness and injustice visited upon them by the rich and the strong”, the Archbishop said. “It would be easy to despair. But I do not despair [ “¦]And one of the things which lightens my darkness is the knowledge that there are good women and men, throughout the world, who have also refused to give into despair.”
(Extracted from premier.org.uk)