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Sikh Farmers Come To Cheer Shaheen Bagh Women, Cook Langar

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Thousands of women holding protests in ShaheenBagh against the citizenship law, had some unexpected company: A group of Sikh men, part of a farmers’ union, who came all the way from Punjab. Turning up on the road, they found themselves a corner under a pedestrian overbridge and started unpacking cooking gas and stove, huge utensils reminiscent of festive catering, and sacks of provisions. Within an hour, a langar the traditional community kitchen of Sikhs was up and running. “We have come here to show solidarity against the Citizenship Bill,” one of them said, underscoring that they were against the “divisive politics” of the government.
The visitors who came to cheer the women on, said they were from two districts of Punjab and the women of their family have accompanied them. As the men started on the cooking, the women found space beside the thousands on a sit-down protest on the other corner.