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Syrian Refugees get a Warm Welcome in Scotland

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For newly arrived Syrians in Scotland, Munir Emkideh is a man to know. He knows how to get things done. Whether delivering free furniture or filling out forms, the 52-year-old is always on call to help the refugees settle into their new homes. In the last three years, he has become renowned for setting up a small network through which he distributes donated items to refugees and assists them with everyday tasks. After arriving in Scotland in 2012, Emkideh, who is from the Syrian city of Deraa, received his refugee status and has been at the core of many community-based projects since. “When I first came here, I didn’t know anything when I wanted to do simple day-to-day things, so that was the moment I decided to help others,” he explains. “Small things can make the biggest difference.” Emkideh says refugees living in remote parts of Scotland simply want to rebuild their lives and heal from the trauma they experienced in Syria. “If the war stops, we would all love to go back and till we can, I would like to thank the Scottish people for their warm welcome and hospitality,” he says. “They are very nice people.”
(Extracted from: aljazeera.com)