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Automatic Wudu Washer

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Kuala Lumpur: A Malaysian company has introduced the Auto Wudu Washer (AWW) (patent is still pending) in the market. It claims that it is the world’s first automatic pre-prayer personal washing system that enables an individual to perform the Wudu or ablution in a standing position.
AACE Technologies has developed two versions of the AWW to accommodate the needs of individuals and groups in public places. The model STD 707 is specifically designed for use in mosques , offices and communal prayer rooms, while model, PRM 708 is targeted for private and family use.
Both versions of the AWW facilitate the washing of the hands, nose, mouth, face, arms and feet as prescribed in the Qur’an by first washing the hands from the wrists to the fingers and then by allowing the individual user to collect water in the palms for rinsing of the nose and mouth. This is followed by the washing of the face and subsequent procedures in performing of the Masa’h.
An upper and lower purpose built washer has been designed for personal convenience. The upper washer in the AWW facilitates the washing and rubbing of the arms and elbows while the lower washer allows for the washing and rubbing of the feet and ankles. All these ablutions can be performed in the AWW comfortably without spillage or undue wastage of water as the water flow is controlled and dispensed electronically by sensors activated taps. It enables an individual to perform the wudu with just 1.5 litres of water. It takes just about 120 cm x 220 cm area for installation. Average time required for an individual to complete the wudu is under three minutes. Details can be viewed at: http://aace.com.my/aace.pdf