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The release of the two Muslim youth falsely implicated under terror charges by a Bangalore court, again goes to prove that deep biases influence the police and intelligence administration in the country. Mercifully, the scribe working with a widely respected regional English daily and the techie, had very short stints in jail as under-trials when compared to hundreds of innocent Muslim youth who have to languish for years without end in the upcountry north. Yet, the demoralizing impact of such episodes that leaves deep psychological scars on the minority population, is too difficult to be quantified. It seems there are certain forces in the country bent upon negating the policy of inclusion that the Union Government has unveiled following the release of the Sachar Committee reports. If it is indeed the case, then the people at the helms need to sincerely take a stock of the reckless use of draconian laws against the Muslim minority and bring in checks against misuse of authority. It is pertinent to point out that Andhra Pradesh cops who falsely implicated innocent Muslim youths for Mecca Masjid blast are suffering pay-cuts under a court order following the AP Minorities Commission initiative. It seems such measures have become inevitable now that some in the police administration have no scruples in parading their prejudices through such highhanded action.
The episode also highlights the saffron mindset that has come to dominate the popular media. The media trial puts a whole community under negative light and serves to alienate it from the majority community whose goodwill is a much sought-after ingredient in cementing communal bonds. With legions of court verdicts having set the innocent and the accused free in countless cases around the nation, it should be now evident that something has gone seriously wrong with the media coverage of violence perpetrated by terrorists who generally remain from being uncovered.
Amid this all, the only source of cheer are the portals of justice who have unfailingly exposed the lacunae in the system and shown the victimizers their follies. It is time the administration and the media are made accountable for their deeds and barred from demonizing certain communities and running smear campaign against some social groups.