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Britain to curb Muslim Brotherhood operations in London

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London: Britain is set to curtail Muslim Brotherhood activities and block activists coming to London after report finds ties with armed groups and extremists in Middle East and elsewhere. Critics of the movement accuse it of links to jihadist groups and of pursuing divisive sectarian politics that infringe the freedom of other religions and Islamic interpretations. Officials privy to the drafting of Sir John’s report said it had been handed over to Downing Street and a statement on its findings would be published before the end of the year. While it stops short of proposing a ban on the Brotherhood, it accepts thet some of the movement’s activity amounts to complicity with armed groups and extremists in the Middle East and elsewhere. A senior British official involved in the process said parts of the report are too sensitive to publish. “It’s a very comprehensive look at the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in many countries. There have been submissions that have been given to us that are very sensitive. One of the main areas of concern raised with Sir John’s report was that the Muslim Brotherhood charities that now face renewed scrutiny by the Charity Commission”. Egyptian officials believe much of its ongoing political activities have shifted to London, where the Brotherhood maintains an international office in Cricklewood. Other predominantly Muslim countries allow Muslim Brotherhood operations, including Tunisia, Libya and Kuwait.