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Coffee Beans Festival in Jazan

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Jazan: (Jizan Province, Saudi Arabia): The first coffee beans festival was held in Jazan, at the mountainous Daer Bani Malik governorate last fortnight. Its fertile soil and cool weather provides a conducive climate to grow various strains of coffee plants. Daer Bani Malik grows more than 54,000 plants in 439 farms. The nearby mountainous regions, east of Jazan, have a total of 70,000 coffee plants in 592,000 farms. The region is one of the oldest coffee-producing regions in the world. Besides attracting tourists to the region, the coffee festival also aims to shed light on the investment potentials of the regions in coffee manufacture and other such industries. The festival was organised under the aegis of Jazan Gov. Prince Muhammad bin Nasser. Daer spans about 1,000 square meters of green foliage dotted with running brooks in the midst of blue mountain ranges, 130 km east of Jazan city. With its unique flora and fauna, the area is of interest to environmentalists as well.