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Dinosaur with Tiny Arms unearthed in Argentina

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Argentine experts have recently discovered the near-complete remains of a new species of Jurassic-era dinosaur that stood  on its rear legs and had tiny arms.The find belongs to the Abelisaurus family, “the most common carnivorous species in the southern hemisphere
during the Cretaceous Period,” some 70 to 100 million years ago, paleontologist Diego Pol said. “However the fossils that we found are some 170 million years old,” from the earlier Jurassic Period, Pol said. The new species, baptized as Eoabelisaurus mefi, predates
the oldest known member of the Abelisauri lineage by more than 40 million years. Unlike its descendants, this six-meter long creature “has completely reduced arms and tiny claws, which implies that it used only its very sharp teeth to feed itself,” Pol said. The fossils
were discovered on Condor Hill, in the southern Patagonian province of Chubut, some 1,800 km southwest of Buenos Aires. Argentina has earned fame as a prime site for dinosaur fossil hunters with several discoveries in the 1980s.