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Fatimah Al-Rashoud- First Woman Leader at Holy Mosques Presidency

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Makkah: Fatimah Al-Rashoud has become the first woman to occupy a leading position at the General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, Makkah Daily reported. Due to the growing need for women leaders in the Kingdom’s organizations and the active role women play in the development of the Two Holy Mosques, the organization’s president Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais appointed Al-Rashoud as head of the Women Guidance Committee and supervisor of the women’s section of the Grand Mosque library. Last year, Al-Sudais appointed Al-Rashoud as vice head of the committee. He believed that women are more qualified to give advice and religious guidance to each other than men. “They are aware of their own needs and circumstances. The presidency has also appointed several qualified female teachers of religion who give lectures and discussion circles in the mosque”, he said. Al-Rashoud said this opportunity has motivated her to be more dedicated to her job and confident about her work. “I’m glad to be serving all the women visiting the Holy Mosques as best as I can,” she said. (www.ummid.com)