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Hajj through Hajj Committee only for First-Timers

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New Delhi: The Central Haj committee will allow only first-timers to perform Hajj-2013. Those who wish to perform a repeat pilgrimage will however be free to do it through Hajj tour organizing companies and by commercial airlines. All pilgrims will be required to submit notarized affidavit in the format given in the Hajj Application for itself.
So far, the pilgrims were allowed once in five years. But from now on, pilgrims who have not performed pilgrimage under the Central Haj Committee arrangements will only be allowed through it. The Committee is currently phasing out Haj subsidy on airfare.
The Karnataka State Haj Committee will accept the notarized affidavit in the Hajj application till March 10 at its office  at Sadath Haj House, 84/A-Richmond Road, Bangalore-560025. The forms can also be downloaded from www.hajcommittee.com.