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Kenyan Bus Ambush Episode Made into Documentary

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A bus attack in northern Kenya during which Muslims shielded Christians from al-Shabab militants is the subject of a fictional film adaptation that focuses on religious integration and coexistence. “Watu Wote,” Swahili for “All of Us,” is based on the militant ambush of a Mandera bus in December 2015. Gunmen sprayed the bus with bullets, killing two passengers. But when they asked the 62 Muslims to identify the Christian passengers, the Muslims refused. In a situation like this, one humanity could win,” said Katja Benrath, the film’s director and a student at Hamburg Media School in Germany. “In this life-threatening moment, people stood up for each other “” not caring about the religion of the next person because they wanted to save and shield human beings,” Benrath said. Although the three German students filming the 20-minute documentary conducted their research in Mandera, the film was shot in other regions with a similar landscape.
(Source: http://religionnews.com)