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Leading Indonesian Muslim Scholar meets Pope Francis

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(YahyaCholilStaquf (left) with Pope Francis)

Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization NahdlatulUlama (NU) has highlighted the importance of social activism in addressing interreligious conflicts during a discussion with religious leaders held as part of the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative forum in Rome recently. The discussion, held at the Gregorian University, Rome, focused on the stance and measures that can be taken together in tackling crises that are heavily influenced by interreligious conflicts, according to NU supreme council secretary-general, YahyaCholilStaquf, said in a statement. Following the discussion, Yahya and 17 other religious leaders held a meeting with Pope Francis, global head of the Catholic Church, at his residence in Vatican City to talk about conclusions from the earlier discussion. Yahya said that during the visit, Pope Francis emphasized that regardless of their conflicts, people must return to the roots of their beings, and that was to become each other’s brothers and sisters.