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Muslim Leaders Call for Peace after Mall Attack

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Nairobi: Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) leaders, strongly condemned the attack on the Westgate mall, saying that it was against their religion and Islamic teachings. Adan Wachu the Secretary General of the council in a statement said, “We condemn in the strongest terms the attack on peace loving Kenyans and international guests who have chosen to live and work in Kenya.” “We do not support the indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children. It is against all Islamic teachings and tenets,” he added. Wachu further urged all Muslim brethren to come out in big numbers and donate blood and volunteer at healthcare institutions and provide care and treatment to the wounded. He explained that the attackers were trying to create a divide between Muslims and non-Muslims.”I urge all Kenyans to remain calm and refrain from being divided on sectarian grounds by this unfortunate incident,” he explained.Mombasa County Senator Hassan Omar echoed the sentiments by the Muslim leaders asking the Al Shabaab attackers at the mall to let the people go and surrender to authorities.Omar explained that Islam does not advocate for violence and murder.”If those who have taken the hostages can hear us, please let those people in the mall go. Our religion does not support the idea of killing and committing such atrocious attacks on innocents, please just let them go and let them go alive,” he pleaded.Speaking at a press conference at the Jamia Mosque, he said that the police ought to also take decisive caution to avoid raising tension among Kenyans.”We have urged people and the police to exercise caution and not let those who want to divide this nation win. We have lived in peace as a nation and there is no reason as to why we should start fighting,” said Omar.