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Muslim Refugees Feel Safer in Non-Muslim Countries

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Putrajaya: Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has expressed disappointment with Muslim countries which, he argued, have “failed,” as Muslim refugees now feel safer seeking asylum in non-Muslim countries.”I feel sad looking at Muslims (abroad). Muslim countries have failed and they (their citizens) have to save themselves by going to non-Muslim countries.”They should actually go to other Muslim countries. But most of the Muslim countries are not safe and are not willing to accept refugees,” he said at a breaking of fast event organised by the Malaysian Islamic Welfare Association. Mahathir said millions of refugees had migrated to European countries in their search for safety and protection. “This is not because of Islam as a religion itself, but because the Muslims push aside the teachings of Islam, even though they often preach in God’s name,” he said. He said people in many Muslim countries face occurrences that are “against Islam”. “A lot of governments also oppress their citizens. Even though they are Muslim, they do not abide by the religious teachings,” he said.