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Muzaffarnagar Camps Youth, Cycle for Change

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Muzaffarnagar: Khudai Khidmatgar, which has been active in providing relief, legal, and educational work among Muzaffarnagar-Shamli riot victims has now started a new intitiative to help them.
On February 21st, Khudai Khidmatgar started a Cycle Forum with 20 youth selected from various camps. The main purpose of this forum is to provide platform for social activities and bring leadership quality among the youth.
Khudai Khidmatgar co-ordinates from Maharashtra Vijay Deshpandey and from Kerala, Mustafa Koya, inaugurated the forum.
Members of the Cycle Forum for Change will meet every month and take a daylong cycle yatra to raise awareness about issues like education, RTI, communal harmony, etc. Each month, Forum members are expected to assist at least two villagers (one male and one female) in opening bank accounts, filling pension forms, etc.
Forum members are also to reach out to other youth and encourage them to join in this effort.
National team members of Khudai Khidmatgar, Hafeez Kidwai, Abdur Rasheed, Inamul Hasan, Faisal Khan, Faraz Badar Rizvi, and various youth Shabbir from Kashmir, Shoeb Ahmed, Waseem, Azeem Shahid, Saad Kidwai from Delhi were also present.