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Prayer Mat that Lights Up When Facing Qiblah

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Muslims across the world turn towards ‘Kabah’ to offer Namaaz. But if you are not in a mosque or happen to be in a new place, finding the right direction to the Kaaba in Mecca is a predicament one faces. Some take help of stars, some use compass, but now a Turkish industrial designer, Soner Ozenc in London has come up with a unique solution for the problem. He has created the world’s first prayer mat, nicknamed EL Sajjadah, that automatically lights up when facing Makkah. The designer of the prayer mat says, first I thought of a flying carpet, but I rejected the idea thinking what would be its use, then I thought of prayer mat. The interesting fact about ‘EL Sajjadah’ is that the whole prayer mat lights up. There is no other thing needed to know direction of Qibla.