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Seminar on Muslim Education

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Bhatkal: The Anjuman Hami e Muslimeen here will organize a two-day seminar on challenges before Muslim minority educational institutions and their solutions on August 10-11, 2019. It will be part of its centenary celebrations, which were kicked off earlier this year. The seminar will discuss issues such as Challenges of Management of Muslim Minority Educational Institutions and their possible solutions; Improving quality of education in Muslim educational institutions and infusion of new ideas and concepts; Use of new digital technology and electronic media in improving education; Skill development part of education; and Compliance with various Government regulations in establishing and running educational institutions and availing of various facilities for promotion of education among the minorities. Those who wish to contribute papers or participate in the deliberations can contact Abdur Raheem Jukaku, General Secretary, Anjuman Hami e Muslimeen, email:[email protected], Ph: 99003-26654.