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St Mary’s University Launches New Muslim Certificate in Religious Studies

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Cardinal Vincent Nichols and two leading Muslim clerics joined together recently to launch a new Muslim Certificate in Religious Studies at St Mary’s University, a Catholic institution in Twickenham in Britain. The new certificate will aim to support the religious literacy of teachers and enhance the contribution that religion can make to the formation of British values as referenced in the Professional Standards for Qualified Teacher Status. It will primarily be aimed at those teaching religious education in Muslim schools and will support a cohesive approach to teaching in line with the National Curriculum and contemporary teaching practices. Imams Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra and Sayed Razawi have been in discussions to develop the concept and the University is now working in consultation with academics from universities across the UK to develop the programme in more detail. The certificate will complement the University’s Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies.
St Mary’s has a long and distinguished history as a Catholic institution for the education of teachers. It was founded in 1850 by the Catholic Poor Schools Committee.